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ogenki desu ka?

  • Apr. 4th, 2013 at 11:10 AM

Hello there, it's been almost 4 months since my last post here...
I'm quite busy lately since my current semester is about to end right now, and with my final project that needed to be completed in this month!!Ugh!
In last post I told you all that I'm unable to make any Beyblade AMV after losing all the files due of the virus!!>.<
But I've changed my mind that I'll make it which is currently on planning stage..Some videos that I once posted in Youtube but forced to be deleted due of stupid copyright thing(grr..) has been safely downloaded to my laptop using IDM before being deleted..Yay!!
And I have downloaded the whole season 1 episodes( the Jap ver) and saved it into my external hard drive..and right now I have lots of resources to make my next AMV!!
Yes, my fangirling over Beyblade has recovered after decade(thanks to my obsession over YGO)...and I'm planning to do digital drawing for it, I've got some quite rare pics too ;)
yes, it's rare..Collapse )

It's been ages...

  • Dec. 30th, 2012 at 8:00 PM

Hi there, remember me? If you do, thanks...sorry for not writing anything here for ages since I'm getting a lot busier day by day XD

Well, some of you might wondering what's going on with me...I'm finally graduated from the high school 4 years ago with good result(hehe), after that I went to UiTM to continue my studies but only for a year since the university was too far from my home!! and I'm not getting used to being on my own on that time..then I went to KLMU, the private college but only for one semester because I'm not comfortable with the college's environment (it's located on the middle of city, some students that's too social, even though the rules had stated that students must wear an proper attire but they still wear like they're going to party)...I turned myself into an unemployed for 9 months, on last year's July, I'm finally enrolled to community college, which fulfills my taste( but I'm still kinda hate it since the college was located quite far from the town but whatever)...

Right now, I'm currently on my semester break and next week I'll register for my 4th sem, which getting tougher sem by sem since the upcoming semester I'll be send to any animation company for practical but I think I'll can do it ;)
Oh, speaking for course..I'm taking animation course, every semester we'll learn different things, on first sem I've had learn how to draw anything using Adobe Photoshop(yay!) from basic objects to my very own characters, on the second sem I've learn how to create a story, from the planning then writing treatment,draft,scripts to making our very own animation movies..this one is pretty tough since I'm suck on making stories XD..
On third sem I've learn how to create anything using Autodesk 3ds Max(it's a software where most of animation industry workers are using to create everything they wanted for the 3D animation show), this one is also tough because I've had encountered so much problems, from mis-installing the software( I accidentally installed the version where my laptop crashes everytime I opened it) to losing my files(arghh!!yeah,it's my fault too) which took me several days to complete it!! But this semester was fun because I can come up with great ideas to create unique things there ;)
The upcoming semester I'll create props, background and whatever things related with it...Well, thanks to my obsession into animes that lifted my spirit up!! Speaking of anime, I'm still Beyblade fan(so does YYH and ES21) but guess what? there are 2 animes that I used to love to death when I was kid, then lost it due of some idiots insulting me(grr...) then it comes back to me after years(come to mama..ehehe XD) the 2 animes that I'm talking about is Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh! wee~

Let's start with Digimon, I've been a fan since I was 10..I love this anime because how adventurous the kids were, they struggles to find their way back home after stranded in a strange world, fighting the evil Digimons with their..Digimons ;)
I heard that there's new season called Digimon Xros Wars, this one is pretty good but nothing beats first season!!(har har)
As for Yu-Gi-Oh, I've been a fan 2 years later after being a Digimon fan...I'm freaking love their card games!!(f*** you for those thinking YGO is children's card game), I was severely insulted for being this fan like this: "You like that children's card game anime thingy,huh? How stupid and immature are you. Grow up, you're a highschool girl!" and I was like "WTF?!"...To make it short, I'm slowly lose the interest after that, with some controversy that YGO is a masonic anime(dafuq?!), well let me explain this, YGO is not just a card game anime,it's also all about Ancient Egyptian things, got it?!
With my obsession in YGO has returned, I'm currently on my way to become a duelist..ehehe XD

Well, some of you had known me as Beyblade fan, don't worry, I'm still fan of it...however, I'm not into the new one, it sucks. Long time ago, I was once promised everyone that I'll make a second AMV but I'm sorry, I couldn't make it since I lost all my precious files to stupid virus!!To make it short, I was previously using my dad's desktop where everyone's using it on that time..now I have my own laptop, I can do whatever I wanted..but most of my files were from the sites that no longer exist...pretty sad,huh?

That's all I can say now...I'll update whenever I have time..Ja ne!! ;D


Leona Lewis "I See You"

  • Feb. 27th, 2010 at 4:13 PM

great song taken from the greatest movie ever on the earth!!but I havent watched yet....

somethin' to share

  • Feb. 26th, 2010 at 4:06 PM

the title says it all..recently I bought es21 manga and local magazine that contain es21 manga arc.The manga seems have a better drawing than in anime..check it out!!
P/S:the pics' kinda blurred,sorry....
yeah,the es21 manga in malay!!!Collapse )

taken from local magazine,kreko...this one reveals Hiruma's past

the close-up of the same page,take a look at little Hiruma,isn't he cute?

Ahah, here's manga that i'm talkin about!Sena looks so damn hot XD

stupid Mizumachi....he says that Agon's hair is so ugly XD

Guess who? This is da real Eyeshield 21,Yamato Takeru!!I keep mistaken him as Kakei coz' they were very look alike!!<3

O_O Shin's so scary lol,he uses his ultimate Trident Tackle on da pillow fight!!

here's how the manga looks like :P

The funniest part ever!!Sena's about to do his Devil Light Hurricane and almost fell from the verandah!!Thanx to Sakuraba for saving him...

The funniest question,Panther seems couldn't answer it!!!The question:What type of girl you like?

The re-cooperation of 2 devils(Hiruma&Agon)

That's all!!


  • Feb. 16th, 2010 at 1:45 PM

the stupidest es21 scene ever!!!

Feb. 6th, 2010

  • 1:09 PM

hi guys, it's been a long time i didn't post anything here...coz' i've been so busy with my university life,filled with never ending flow of assignments and activities!!!
Ah, I forgot, I've some story to tell..Yesterday, my department had did induction for newbies(i mean 2nd sem student like me).We had to perform to the seniors..my group performing our version of I'm Yours(but unfortunately we were labeled as loser of the night due of our super short performance later)....the craziness of induction had got me overdose of laughing until had me turned into Hiruma later!!especially when the seniors were scolding us for getting the signature just to fill the lists,they told that we were so selfish each other and forced us to sit in fish-shaped style.
They pour some flour and cumin powder(duh!) to us!!(without us knowing)but one of us got mad and tell all the seniors there that they were idiots for treating us like a slave,we tried to stop him from keep shouting around but he ran away..one of the seniors told us that this is the debut induction for our department,she also told that the other department had even pour "the induction potion"(egg+fishes) to the newbies and so....we got our revenge by throwing some flour and cumin powder to them!!!!This had me completely turned into Hiruma!!
I shout like him(the Ya-Ha one)
I laugh like him(kekekeke)
I passed the flour to my department president like him(like a laser)
Everything like him that I've become!!
Except....I just got no gun to shoot around(lol)
We had so much fun there...all of us were end up going back with flour,cumin and some water mixed with poster colour all over our bodies!!!
That's all my story,now all es21 fans,no matter you're yaoi fan or not, were welcome to add me!!^_^


  • Dec. 29th, 2009 at 9:48 AM

world's most evil(...and annoying) anime laugh ever!!!


  • Dec. 11th, 2009 at 1:41 PM

I recently got obsessed with an anime called Eyeshield 21 because there's one guy who looks so damn evil and one guy who's damn innocent and adorable had me gone crazy for millions of nights!!!! can you suggest me some great site about this anime??